Bar Stools

Stools provide great comfort in the bar and thus play a very important role in enhancing the aura of the place. The color and pattern of the bar stool changes its look and overall appearance. Purewood is a leading bar stool manufacturer that sells stools of various designs. The comfort provided by bar stools is unmatched and it enhances the dining experience. Our wooden bar stool is durable and has great strength when it comes to its seating capacity. Thus, it is a one-time investment for bar owners to enrich the bar. The bar stool provides comfort so that the visitors can enjoy a chilling drink. Although the bar stool is made without armrests, the support it provides is phenomenal. Being a combination of style and comfort, our wooden bar stool is the first choice of bar owners who transform the interiors of their bars.

Bar Stools

Bar Stool Manufacturer in India

Purewood is one of the top-class bar stool manufacturers in the industry. We focus on the comfort of the place to make it cozy and inviting for the customers. Without hampering the functionality, we enhance the aesthetics of the bar stools. Our core understanding of bars and their interiors helps us to craft the best quality bar stools. We use our expertise and have a team of qualified personnel to manufacture wooden bar stools. We design various chairs that are durable enough to endure any capacity. Our bar stools are the first choice of bar owners because of the plans we create to craft the bar stools. The diligent practices and ethical standards we incorporate are reflected in our finished product. The wooden bar stool made by us fits well with all types of bars. We have achieved a lot in terms of innovation as well as developing bar stools of the latest designs.

Our Range of Bar Stool

We offer a lot of bar stools in various shapes and sizes. Apart from being durable, these stools are very attractive. We use high-quality material to make them. The great design as well as comfort makes our wooden bar stools stand out from the common stools. We are the best-selling bar stool manufacturers and are generally the first choice of bar owners. Our aim is to provide customer satisfaction as we understand the importance of your hard-earned money.

Tern Stool:

Being made of iron, the stool is very strong in terms of strength and durability. It is a modern seating solution and is a blend of design and construction.

Hoopoe Adjustable Stool:

This bar stool is a blend of style and versatility. Its adjustable height makes it one of the best seating wooden bar stools in the industry.

Vanga Industrial Stool:

Our wooden bar stool is very strong and offers great seating capacity. Being a reliable bar stool, its height can be adjusted so that it is suitable for any ambiance.

Lyrebird Stool:

It is made of both iron and wood and is very attractive in appearance. The beauty of this stool makes it unique and impressive.

Swift C-Shape Metal Bar Stool:

It is an attractive and stylish seating option for modern bar spaces. We manufacture this stool with utmost precision and use top grain leather.

Parakeet Bar Stool:

Being a blend of comfort and style, this bar stool is in great demand. Be it its features or aesthetics, everything contributes to its beauty and charm.


Why Choose Us?

Purewood is a leading bar chair manufacturer and is well known in the industry due to its competitive pricing and expertise. We help transform the interior of the cafe and thus impact the mood of the customers at a large scale. Our main emphasis is on using the best quality material to manufacture long-lasting bar stools. We never compromise in terms of effective manufacturing and deliver the stools on time. Our dynamic client base is recurring and they keep giving us orders for their bars. Following are the unique selling points:

Affordable Prices:

Our prices are very affordable and suit the budget of bar owners. You can also compare our prices with others to make a better decision and you will see the difference.


The other major factor that makes us unique is the style and décor of our bar stools. The colorful design makes the wooden bar stools stand out from others.


When it comes to strength and durability, our stools top the list. Our bar stools can withstand more pressure than their actual capacity. Thus, we are more reliable when it comes to their strength.


Our bar stools are available in different sizes and shapes. The stools are very adaptable to the available space and can be adjusted according to the height and other requirements.

Ease of Cleaning:

Our wooden bar stools are easy to clean and maintain. You can easily clean it and make it look attractive and adorable.


Wholesale Bar Stool Supplier in India

Our years of experience and expertise help us to manufacture the best bar stools for the Indian market. We have a basic understanding of Indians and the furniture industry and thus we use it to manufacture wooden bar stools accordingly. We are always busy with a variety of bulk orders and are committed to completing them on time. In fact, we have earned a good name in the industry for our manufacturing process. Our aim is to supply the best quality bar stools and we never leave any stone unturned to accomplish it. We change the aura of the bar with our top-notch stools and make the bar look attractive. Lastly, we increase the value of a place by providing the best bar stools to improve the vibrancy of the bar. Thus, we are a leading wholesale bar stool supplier in the furniture industry.

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Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you find the best quality furniture at affordable prices. We offer a wide variety of styles and finishes to choose from, and we are always happy to discuss your specific needs. You can call us to discuss your queries, or you can visit our showroom to see the art behind manufacturing every piece.


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