Industrial Furniture

Purewood is leading industrial furniture manufacturer in India. We have sample design data that can fulfill your design hunger for Industrial Furniture. From Cast Iron Table to rough metal furniture, we have all options available. Our raw material from wood to steel comes from trusted and legal sources. This is an exclusive art to mix and match wood and steel for crafting a beautiful piece of industrial furniture. Pure raw materials, strong and robust furniture, visible nuts and screws, neutral and distressed colors. As the name, industrial style furniture is encouraged by the roughness and toughness of an artist who made. As an experienced Industrial furniture manufacture and Vintage industrial furniture manufacturer in India we know the art of look and performance.
Price is an important factor but not at the cost of quality. Our Industrial Furniture is more about the quality and made with heart. Roughness and robustness could be attractive for anyone but it should be properly designed and managed. The design and character of a piece should be not less than perfect. We use industries leading coating and paints. This extends the life and beauty of industrial furniture. And at the same time, it also protects the furniture from an enemy like rust moisture.