Acacia Wood Furniture

Acacia is a largely grown tree in India and sub continental. There are many different species of Acacia available. Acacia wood is a very tough and dense wood. It requires advanced machinery to produce acacia wood furniture. Acacia wood furniture very durable and long-lasting.

Properties and Qualities:

As an experienced Furniture manufacturer from India, we pick to use acacia wood for many of our clients, because it is highly hard-wearing and water-resistant – perfect for daily-use items that are in regular contact with moisture and liquids.

It is guaranteed that even if acacia furniture is not preserved or protected, it can stay up to 50 plus years. It is pale brown in shade with gorgeous natural grain, giving a deep, amusing trace to any home. Acacia wood’s strength means it is not scratched simply, although its water-resistant properties mean it will not warp easily and is highly resistant to fungus. Similarly, several types of wood, acacia wood is certainly antibacterial and is thus safe to use anywhere in the home.

Acacia wood furniture is unsurprisingly smooth and uniform when polished. Naturally, smooth in character, it generally shows fairly a characteristic and attractive natural wood grain. It looks purely fabulous, elegant, polished or natural

Long-lasting  Water-resistant Attractive Color


Acacia wood furniture should be hand cleaned but not soaked in water and not visible to risky hot and cold temperatures. Acacia wood furniture is certainly for long time use for generations 

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