Mango Wood Furniture

Name Mango wood is derived from the mango trees which are native trees to the Indian subcontinent. The tree is principally planted for its mango fruits but is generally harvested down after 6-7 years. It stops to produce good fruit after 6-7 years. Mango wood is outstanding to produce beautiful wooden furniture because is a result of the food business and is thus sustainable. This I why it is the primary choice of furniture manufacturers & exporters in India.

Properties & Qualities:

Mango wood furniture and wood is tough, durable and long-lasting and has a unique grain pattern. It is naturally light brown in appearance and is effective at bringing warmth into interiors, without darkening the decor. The Mango wood furniture can also be lubricated with oil or process to alter the color. This is because mango wood furniture is tremendously impenetrable and robust. Mango wood feels strong to touch. This wooden furniture and wood are very production-friendly for furniture Exporters in India.

Long-lasting Sustainable Attractive grain


As a leading wooden furniture manufacturer from India, we advise a few points to care for your wooden furniture. Mango wood furniture can be clean with warm water and a piece of soft fabric.

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