Oak Wood Furniture

Oakwood is a hardwood that comes from an oak tree inherent to the northern hemisphere. There are almost 600 plus species of an oak tree.  Oak Wood furniture is one of the most famous pieces of furniture in the world. It is unique and premium.  America has the most, with around 90 plus types of oak being found there. Oakwood has been used to make fine furniture for thousands of years. An oak tree can take up to 150 years before the time from an oak tree can be used for furniture construction. Purewood is one of the leading oak wood furniture suppliers from India. 

Properties and qualities:

Oakwood is remarkably durable, strong and hefty. It has an attractive light color with a bulbous grain and is strongly resistant to fungal attack, its dense structure, and long-living nature, which must make the tree for lengthy life. Although oak wood is relatively long-life, the trees do have an expiration date, all our oak furniture items have been sustainable obtained. Most of the oak wood comes from naturally collapsed trees. Cheers to its strength and durability character, we use oak furniture for our collections which require premium and lasting products. Oakwood feels hard and smooth, depending on the finish. We have all the finishes available around the globe.

Strong & long-lasting

Resistant to mold and fungi

Attractive natural color


Oak wood furniture should only be hand cleaned. To retain the sturdiness and beauty of oak furniture. They must be oiled often. We can use food-safe mineral oil or Danish oil is best to apply on.

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